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Your path to becoming a home owner can begin today with just $1,500.00!

What is this program?

Liberty Home Ownership is a down payment assistance program. We know that a major obstacle to home ownership for many hard working Albertans is coming up with the down payment to purchase their own home. Liberty Home Ownership’s goal is to clear this obstacle through our innovative shared equity program. You contribute just $1,500 towards the down payment and Liberty provides the remainder of the required 5% down payment. You can live in your home as long as you want, and when you wish to sell, you share a portion of the home’s appreciation with Liberty so we can pay it forward to future participants of the program. The longer you live in your home, the larger your share of the appreciation will be.

The appreciation calendar below illustrates the breakdown based on how long you live in your home.

Shared Appreciation Calendar

The visualization below illustrates the Shared Appreciation model from when you buy and when you choose to sell.

How it Works

How It Works


The program is open to ANYONE who meet following criteria:

Steady Income


You have permanent employment & are able to contribute $1,500 towards a down payment.

Mortgage Qualification

Mortgage Qualification

You can successfully qualify for a mortgage with one of our approved lenders.



You complete our Home Owner Education course on responsible ownership upon sign-up.

One and Only Home

Your One and Only

The home you choose with Liberty will be your permanent sole residence.


Registration is quite simple and can be broken down into four easy steps:


Online Application

This is the first step on your journey through the Liberty program and will only take a few minutes to complete. Fill out our online application and provide us with your basic information such as: name, date of birth, employment status, current address, family situation and household income, From there, Liberty will contact you to give you access to Step 2.

Apply Online


Mortgage Pre-Approval

After completing the online application, we will contact you to pair you up with one of our dedicated financial experts from our participating financial institutions. Our financial experts will quickly (typically within 2 business days) be able to determine what home will best suit your needs and requirements. Can’t quite get pre-approved? Our financial experts will put you on an individualized financial success plan to help you get approved in the near future.

Mortgage Approval


Choose Your Housing

Once you have your mortgage pre-approval in hand, you will be able to select a home from Liberty’s available products. You are welcome to choose a home that suits your lifestyle and fits within your pre-approval amount. You can even visit them in person to experience the homes before you decide. Simply book an appointment at the location that you desire and their client service specialists will be able to give you a tour.

Choose Housing


Home Owner Education

Liberty wants to make sure you are given the right information to make the transition to becoming a homeowner as smooth as possible. We provide you with resources that illustrate vital components of homeownership, such as: how to make a budget, how to maintain a good credit rating, how to properly maintain your home, and much more. Upon successful completion of the online education course, we will provide you with an electronic certificate of achievement.

Home Owner Education


Move In Day

The day has arrived. Your hard work and dedication to becoming a home owner has become a reality. Prior to move in, the Liberty Team will coordinate everything with you including a thorough walk through of your home on possession date. You are now ready to move in and create amazing memories in your brand new home that you own!

Move in Day